Why Choose Dr Jasmine Kaur?

Built as per international standards and specifications for a world class infertility center, equipped with the latest and technically ultra advanced machines and equipment to provide all sorts of infertility related investigations, treatments and procedures right under one roof. 
  • Dedicated 100% towards the cause of infertility, keeping up with the world standards and developments round the clock.
  • Boasts of a team of doctors who have got the experience of treating maximum number of infertile patients.
  • Completely transparent Modus Operandi.
  • All machines sourced from the best of the providers world-wide; be it Australia or US or UK or any other country.
  • Friendly doctors and staff; health enhancing and designed-to-heal-faster rooms.
  • Complete privacy of the patients.
  • Only 2 minutes away from the inter-state bus terminal.

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